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Odd Laws No 10

It's Illegal to Reincarnate Without Permission in China

ITibetan Buddist monks are not allowed to reincarnate after they die unless they have been granted permission from the government.

We're not sure how they enforce this, but China is known for having some strict laws.

Capri May Bust Your Dog With DNA

It's illegal to leave dog waste on the isle of Capri in Italy, as in many places. But for the many dog owners who ignore this law, science is now against you.

If you don't pick up your dog poop, it may be possible to use DNA testing to determine the identity of your dog. And then, you'll be fined.

It's Illegal to Kill Bigfoot in British Columbia, Canada

When people first began sighting Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, in the 1800s, British Columbia made it illegal to kill him/her/it.

No one has ever captured proof of this hairy, giant creature, but if you should find it and kill it, you could be fined up to $250,000 if you do not have a proper hunting license.

Washington State, just below the border, has a similar law.

It's Illegal to Pee in the Ocean in Portugal

To keep beaches clean and beachgoers healthy, Portugal has banned peeing in the ocean.

We're again not quite sure how they would prove this one, but it's better safe to just use the restrooms like a civilized person.

It's Illegal to Wear a Fake Mustache in an Alabama Church

If your fake mustache makes people laugh, save it for anywhere but church, as it is illegal in Alabama. The point of this silly law is that you are not to interrupt the service.

So, you can wear a fake mustache to church as long as it doesn't elicit laughter. Just know your audience.


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