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What do I offer?

I provide short- or long-term locum cover remotely or in-person on a hybrid basis.  My services are flexible: choose whether you need full caseload ownership or simply want help with one part of a transaction. ​ I can also work with junior staff and staff in training who may need additional one-to-one support with the conveyancing process.

After 20 years in the field, I have the IT skills to utilize any case management system. In fact, I developed case management systems for two firms. I'm a consultant, which is beneficial to my clients in a couple ways: I do not require any secretarial support, but I do work with your firm's operating times and internal policies and procedures. I have state-of-the-art computers with the best antivirus protection to keep your documents safe. I work with both paper and digital files. 

Why use me?

The perks of hiring me as a self-employed consultant:

  • No minimum term requirement. I can offer cover from one day and beyond

  • No need to supply me with IT or phone equipment

  • No secretarial support required

  • No need to pay any TAX, NI or pension payments.

  • No holiday entitlement/leave

  • No ongoing training costs

  • No ongoing subscription costs

  • No bonus payments/annual increases

  • Utilise my extensive knowledge without the high salary costs

Working at home


Rates are subject to negotiations depending on the complexity and length of services you require.  A consultancy agreement is required for all services. Invoices will be issued for services and payment terms can be agreed. Please contact me to discuss the services you require. My services costs will be more cost effective that you probably think.

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